Monday, February 11, 2008

Day 186

Wow, I really miss yoga when I'm not doing it every day. Don't get me wrong - I enjoy the time off, particularly on the first day of my Lady's Hols. But by Day 3, I was chomping at the bit.

I was feeling relatively good for LH this month. I rested on Friday morning, taught youth classes in the afternoon. On Saturday, I got up early to do the cleaning and shopping. In the afternoon, I baked. I baked bread again this week and also a huge batch of Oatmeal Banana muffins (I froze these in single servings in plastic wrap; I pop them under the broiler in the morning and they taste fresh-baked!). I made yoghurt on Saturday night. I bought the cutest miniature souffle dishes at Honest Ed's. Each dish holds about 75g of yoghurt, which is perfect!

I also spent a fabulous hour wandering around the St. Lawrence Market eating samples of cheese, jam, olive oil (with bread), sparkling wine and flavoured tofu. You can practically make a lunch of it ! I ended up buying the best strawberry-banana jam. I've been eating it on my bread - it's so good!

Anyway, yoga: I had a rotten practice this morning, to be honest. I felt very stiff and sluggish. I woke in the early morning on Sunday with a slightly scratchy throat and my immune system has been very busy fighting it ever since. I lingered in bed for a long time this morning, feeling cranky and tired (and this after going to bed early!). The good news is that I'm feeling much better now.

Musical Sirsasana was 'Tempest' by Jesse Cook, 2 minutes, 29 seconds (and I was wobbly, but still managed to do half-bend).


Michelle said...

I caught my husband reading your blog the other day. He sais he thinks you are a really good writer. That market you go to sounds wonderful. Makes me sometimes wish I lived in the city.

Kaivalya said...

Ah, the Market is magical! I've started shopping there more and more, since I teach a class in that neighbourhood on Saturdays and there's a fabulous farmers market there too. I'm trying to transition to organic market-bought veggies and buy less and less at the grocery store. The prices are comparable.