Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Day 184

I was up very late last night, mostly because I drank too much coffee at the pub before the game. It was great coffee and it had me bouncing off the ceiling. I probably played my best game all season, in part because I was so hyped up! ;-) We had a good game, but lost, 6-5. All of the goals for the other side were scored by the same person, which made it feel a bit like we were playing 'an individual' instead of a 'team.' So much for 'team sport.'

After I got home, I took a hot bath and read until I was sleepy, but it was after midnight before I finally fell asleep. I slept in a bit, snoozing until 6 a.m., then did some other work because I was feeling groggy and finally started my practice around 7:30 a.m. It was the best practice I've had in ages! My body felt very open, particularly my hamstrings and back. Everything flowed and felt good.

I came into my backbends really deep today. The only thing that didn't feel very solid was my balancing (ironic, as I'm teaching a sequence on balancing in my classes this week!).

Musical Sirsasana was the Arcade Fire, 'Intervention' (4 minutes, 19 seconds).

I was hit pretty hard a few times last night during the game. I play defence, so I'm often shoved around as I try to foil plays and recover the puck from the opposing team (and this team had some big players). There isn't supposed to be any body checking, but when the ref's back is turned, stuff sometimes 'happens' (as it was, the other team had two penalties, something that almost never happens in our league, which goes to show you how rough it was getting).

Anyways, I got slammed into a corner pretty hard by a snarky right winger and my left shoulder/upper back was feeling tender last night. It felt fine this morning for practice, but afterward, I had a horrible cramping sensation around my shoulderblade. I took a nap this afternoon and I'm taking it easy, and will try to rest the shoulder as I teach my final class of the day.

Tomorrow's Moon Day couldn't be better timed! It will be a good day to rest - and perhaps have a nice lie-in (I'm exhausted!).

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Michelle said...

As well you should be exhausted. Enjoy your well deserved moon day.