Friday, February 1, 2008

Day 181

I was particularly well-organised this week and managed to climb into bed just after walking in the door after teaching my evening classes both Wednesday and Thursday. I also took a two-hour nap on Thursday afternoon. As a result, I wasn't dead exhausted this morning for practice; I was feeling pretty good. This is a good way to go into the weekend.

As I came into Surya Namaskara A and the first downward dog this morning, I felt a happy sigh escape from my lips. Lately, I've really been digging the sun salutations. They're becoming my favourite part of the practice. I did the full primary. The more I do it, the less onerous it feels to me. Everything just flows.

I've been thinking about what I would like to work on in February in terms of my asana practice. Last month, it was jump-throughs and those are still coming along nicely. It's fun to have a 'project' to work on.

Yesterday, I was messing around with handstand in the afternoon and it occurred to me that I'm coming into the pose with a lot of control these days and sometimes balancing on my own (against the wall, of course). There are a few directions I could take this pose now that I'm feeling more comfortable with it.

I was thinking a lot about my 'entrance' into it. Those of you who are familiar with BBB's Power Yoga DVD may remember that Stan (the skinny guy in the front row) hops up into handstand instead of coming up one leg as a time. Teacher M was trying to get me to do this last year and it was laughable. I just kind of hopped around, got frustrated, then sat on my mat and glared at him.

I tried it again yesterday and it actually seemed do-able. The jump-throughs have given me a chance to get used to that unsettling feeling of jumping the hips over the shoulders. I tried it again and came up on the third try.

So that's my asana project this month: 'hoppin' into handstand. I do two handstands between repetitions of Navasana and this morning I 'hopped' into both of them. The second time felt really good. I find that it's easier if I imagine pushing the floor away with my hands as I 'hop' - this keeps my arms active.

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