Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Day 193

Getting up this morning was excruciating and I was tired all morning, didn't really wake up completely until after lunch. Seriously, the month of February is eating me for lunch. I'm having a lot of trouble holding myself together.

But I did practice - full primary series. I was holding on to my breath like a drowning woman holds on to a life raft: occasionally sliding under only to resurface moments later, sputtering.

Geez, that was dramatic, wasn't it? ;-)

Not a good yoga practice. Not a bad one either, which is kind of worse in a way. I felt like I was just going through the motions.

Today's handstand was *so* different from yesterday's. Yesterday, my handstand was strong and no-nonsense and I was all Ana Forrest about it, pushing up into the pose like the earth got in my way and I was moving it aside to make room for the sky. Today? Today, I was all Chewbaka about it, hopping, ponderous, floundering and noisy (I still do a great rendition of the Chewbaka wail, the horrible sound that pours out of me when I hit the wall).

And I kept stopping to adjust my clothes as if that would just FIX the problem. Yeah, right.

Also, it was cold. I'm back to using the heater again. Could we just fast forward to May, please?


bindifry said...

how about ana as chewbaka? that's a vision. i've had practices like that.

Kaivalya said...

LOL! And Guruji as Yoda? ;-)