Sunday, February 17, 2008

Day 191

Artisan jam

I had an amazing Saturday - my day off from practising yoga. I still woke early and used that time to do the cleaning and run up to the 'regular' grocery store for a few staples. Then, I headed down to the St. Lawrence neighbourhood to teach a Saturday class.

I really enjoyed my foray into the Market this week. Cheese and mustard were on my list. I ended up going to the cheese vendor who gives out the generous samples. I love trying the different cheeses they have on offer - different ones are featured each week. I bought the St. Andre: a soft cheese that's creamy and flavourful.

I've been lurking around Kozlik's mustard booth for a couple of weeks now. I wanted to buy a couple of good mustards to use as a seasoning in my salad mix (I've been perfecting the perfect kale salad). I knew I wanted a Dijon and the 'Dijon by Anton' was perfect - tangy and not too spicy, just enough of a bite. I also bought an amazing Balsamic Figs & Dates mustard. It's darker in colour and has a slightly sweeter taste.

I can't keep myself away from that jam booth! I stopped by to sample the latest jam Urs has been working on: a blood orange cranberry combination. He piled whipped cream cheese and a heaping spoonful of jam onto a cracker and it was delicious! I ended up with a jar of the Sour-Cherry Lemon jam I've had my eye on.

I spent the rest of the day soaking up the sunshine: I went skating for an hour, then walked the dog to the Big Park for another hour. With bright sunshine, mild temperatures and perfectly clear blue skies, it was a day for being outdoors and I revelled in it!

I went to a party on Saturday night and the food was amazing. Lots of cheese and chocolate and Chinese dim-sum treats (it was a Chinese New Year/Valentines party). There was also a variety of gourmet chocolates and chocolate-dipped cakes from an Italian bakery. I thought I had died and gone to heaven! I loved the scallion-rice pancakes - a Chinese treat. Very yummy with a dab of sweet-and-sour sauce. And there were people there too! *grin* It was great to see everyone - laughing with friends and good conversation is so good for the soul. I stayed later than intended, but with no regrets.

Alas, practice today was a bit heavy, yet slow and steady. Nothing exciting to report. I took it easy on the twists because I felt like I was *still* digesting all that food!

Musical Sirsasana was 'Take Me Away' by the Plain White T's, 2 minutes, 43 seconds.

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