Monday, May 3, 2010


I felt completely depleted after practice this morning, like the Jolly Green Giant had picked me up and rung me out like a facecloth. My clothes were soaked, my legs rubbery.

So I wasn’t thrilled when, after a long wait for the stupid streetcar, I wasn’t able to board because no one was moving back (there was plenty of room). Out of blue, I heard a clear voice ring out, no-nonsense and authoritative: “All passengers please move to the back of the streetcar to accommodate those boarding!” And like a herd of sleepy sheep, people DID move back and I was able to get on.

The guy boarding behind me nudged my arm and said “Nice going!” And that’s when I realised that the authoritative voice was me! In my exhaustion and frustration I had totally conjured up my Yoga Teacher Voice, the same one I use when I direct 25 students in a gymnasium to stand-up-and-come-to-the-top-of-your-mat-Samasthiti. I was barely aware, I was so clobbered by practice.

I was sweating BUCKETS today. I know I shouldn’t be complaining. It’s not even close to being *really* hot or humid yet, but I was DYING in there this morning. If this is a foreshadowing of the State-of-the-Shala in summer, I’ll need to adjust to the heavy, dense heat and anticipate VERY sweaty practices. I should have drank a few more glasses of water before I hit the mat. I’m already anticipating the purchase of a new ‘Shala uniform’ that is more heat-friendly. Thank goodness I’m losing this extra weight because I’ll probably be in tiny shorts and a sports bra by August, modesty be damned.

I had another Space Cadet Day. I’m going to blame the heat because it makes me feel better. I skipped Purvottanasana, but didn’t remember it until I was on the streetcar home. Inexplicably, I skipped Marichyasana B, my favourite pose (though lately it’s been feeling wonky on the right side). I went back and picked it up and repeated C, because I knew R would be on my case if I didn’t. I was kind of dreading that repeat, but it actually felt great on the second try.

Marichyasana D was tough today - no wrist bind there. Supta Kurmasana was fun! R waited for me to bind and cross my ankles on my own, then she rearranged my legs and let me come up mostly on my own (and then my sweaty legs slid down my sweaty arms, making any kind of graceful exit impossible).

Predictably, my arms and shoulders are tired today. I was really getting lazy with my lift-ups and jumpbacks. My right shoulder is very twingy - not sure what’s going with that. It’s not really pain, but a soreness on the front inside edge of the deltoid. It feels deep. If anyone has ideas, please comment.

Teacher R decided that today would be a perfect day for Urdhva Dhanurasana Bootcamp! She parked herself next to my mat as I was setting up for backbends. The first one was agony and the next two were a bit better, but still difficult. Backbend #4 had me walking my hands in and engaging my legs until I was shaking, R let me come down to the floor for a rest (that was merciful: usually I rest my head on the floor and come right back up). The last backbend was insanely difficult, but in a different way. I was just working very, very hard. I walked my hands in for what felt like miles (but was very likely centimetres).

It’s lucky I don’t spend too much time thinking about how hard this practice is when I’m not doing it. If I did that, I’d probably *never* be able to coax myself to the Shala six days a week. Instead, I remind myself about the parts I like: the amazing energy of the room, the confident support of the teachers, quietly chanting the opening and closing chants, squishes in forward bends, favourite adjustments and taking rest at the end.


Flo said...

"It’s lucky I don’t spend too much time thinking about how hard this practice is when I’m not doing it. If I did that, I’d probably *never* be able to coax myself to the Shala six days a week." EXACTLY!
I wish I had the confidence to pull off the shorts and sports bra. I am just SO SWEATY! I have to do pants and tank top...otherwise my mat would be a slip and slide (so gross!) lol

Kaivalya said...

I'm slimming down, finally. Hopefully, by the time the hot weather hits the belly rolls will be minimal. That's how it works with me, I'm like a glacier: I expand in the winter and shrink in the summer!