Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I had a really good practice this morning. I started a bit late, but it was a slow day at the Shala so the room wasn’t crowded.

Teacher R was on duty for most of my practice. I braced myself for Prasarita Padottanasa C. Before she even started adjusting me, she lectured me about relaxing my shoulders and I really did try. Near the end I sort of lost it, though. My arms start to shake.

R wants me to start doing Janu Sirsasana C and we had a short chat about the nature of the medical condition in my feet. It isn’t a matter of waiting for something to ‘heal’. I’m prone to the nerve growths and if I apply pressure to that area of my foot, the problem *will* get worse. The trick is not aggravating it, and yoga *has* made it better.

When I was doing home practice, I would sometimes add Janu C once or twice a week, so that’s the compromise we arrived at. It was really fun to actually *do* C for a change, rather than just hang out in a heavily modified version of it. It’s an easy pose for me and it was a kind of relief to show the teachers that yes, I *can* physically do this pose, even if it’s contra-indicated for me.

Backbends were great today! The first one felt terrible, like it always does. The next two were okay and I walked my hands in a bit each time. Teacher P was there, pulling my hips forward on the third one. Backbend #4 felt much better and for #5, R told me to ‘walk in my hands’, so this time I *really* did: I walked - handstep, handstep, handstep - until I couldn’t possibly go further. Then I held it there.

I got an enthusiastic ‘Atta Girl! ‘ for that work. I forget precisely what she said, but she did indicate that I had made a lot of progress. So, the babysteps continue, quite literally!

I’m glad today was a good practice because it may be my last Astanga practice for a little while. Tomorrow is a Moon Day and I’m hovering on the edge of my Lady’s Holiday too. The break is well-timed - I need the rest!


Boodiba said...

We have our moon day on Friday... I kind of wish it was tomorrow though!!

Kaivalya said...

Yeah, what's up with that, anyway? It's not like we're on separate continents! This month's new moon must have fallen right between the days or something.

I actually wouldn't have minded a Moon Day on Friday, since it's a day off for me (finally! I have days off again!). But I may get it anyway if my Lady's non-holiday arrives.