Saturday, May 8, 2010


We’re having some wonky weather. It’s very cool out and predicted to get even colder by the evening. Flurries (yes, that means SNOW) is forecast overnight. Not big gobs of it or anything, but it’s mid-MAY for pete’s sake! I was planning to go shopping for a new bikini this weekend, but I’m not exactly inspired.

I fell asleep early last night and only managed to sleep in until 7:30 this morning. Still, that’s 10 hours of wonderful sleep that I’ve been craving for days. My lazy morning started with chai, a salt bath and a long walk in the park with the Princess. I sat in the window seat and read for a while, then hit the mat for a half-hour of Hatha. I did a few sun salutations, some supine stretches (hips, hamstrings), then Gentle Hatha #3 with Jackie, 20 minutes with Jackie (I added a long headstand before Savasana).

This YogaDownload class is a new one and, unfortunately, not one of my favourites. There’s too much time spent in a low lunge - different variations, but my knee doesn’t like being the floor for so long a stretch. I found myself moving into Downward Facing Dog between variations to break it up a bit. I guess I’ve turned into a Vinyasa girl. I like to keep moving!

I’m off to the Market in a little while and then I teach one class. The rest of the day is wide open. Princess Fur really needs a haircut so I’ll probably do that in the afternoon. And maybe take a nap.

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