Monday, May 10, 2010


The bizarre cooling trend continues. Last night, the temperature dipped below freezing. This morning, I dug a toque and scarf out of the closet, along with a pair of gloves. And my winter coat. I experienced a sense of reverse déjà vu as I smelled the lilacs and simultaneously caught a whiff of smoke from someone’s fireplace.

Due to yesterday’s napping, I was awake well before the alarm and headed to the Shala early. It was coolish in the Mysore room this morning! I wondered if perhaps the room hadn’t warmed yet due to my early start, but it still felt cool to me as I finished my practice. I rolled out of Savasana early because I was too chilled to stay any longer. I barely broke a sweat during my practice and I was working just as hard as I normally do.

I’m not worried. Summer is coming. Soon, it will be warmer than I can bear.

I had a good, easy practice. It just flew by! The Shala wasn’t crowded and Teacher P was there on his own. I received my usual adjustments in Prasarita C, Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana and Supta Kurmasana. The bind in Supta K was hard to find this morning. I had to wiggle around a bit to get my shoulders under my knees. I received a nice bonus adjustment in Tiriangmukhaikapada Pachimottansana, one of my favourites.

My hamstrings and calves are TIGHT. I was struggling in forward bends.

Backbends were much better today. I was playing with the idea of rocking, trying to sort out which direction is ‘inhale’ and which is ‘exhale’ (I know what it’s suppose to be, but turning upside-down seems to throw me off). Teacher P told me to remain still for the first three backbend and just walk my hands in, so I did that. In the last backbend, I experimented with rocking again.

Hopefully, these are baby-steps toward eventually standing up. This week, I’ll continue my extracurricular work at the gym, developing strength in my abs and quads.


This week, the Junior Leaguers make contact with an alien species on the manicured lawn of the estate.

(either that, or they’re preparing to play ‘patty cake’. And I’m unclear on how this ‘stretches the arm and chest):

We come in peace. Take us to your leader!

(stayed tuned next week, when the ladies put on rocket packs and fly up to rendezvous with the Mothership!)

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