Thursday, May 20, 2010


Today practice was okay, but nothing spectacular. I felt really low energy throughout the whole thing. Thursdays are a tough day for me in general. I’m nearing the end of a string of four-class-teaching-days. I get home late, so I don’t get as much sleep midweek. Nothing felt very deep and by the time I got to the Marichyasanas, I was already dragging.

I didn’t even try to get my chin on the floor in Bhujapidasana today. P was on duty and gave me a sharp look as I moved right on to Kurmasana, but I wasn’t about to repeat the pose. I was not willing to flirt with a face-plant today. I just wasn’t in the mood.

I did push myself harder during the backbends. Today, 1-3 were for warmup, walked my hands in on 4 and 5, rocked on 6. Came down, then went up for two more, rocking in 7 and 8. Hands remained stubbornly on the floor. I worked hard to keep my arms straight, though.

The 70s Yoga Ladies have a fan base! I forgot to post their weekly photo on Monday and the omission did not go unnoticed!

So here is the next instalment of the ‘close encounters’ journey. In this photo, the Junior Leaguers have greeted the aliens and have donned their magic yogic rocket packs in order to rendezvous with the alien spacecraft.


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