Saturday, May 22, 2010


Lazy, lazy, lazy! On Saturdays, I try to sleep in (I made it till 7:30 a.m. this morning!), then I invite the dog up to the bed for cuddles and I doze for a while. The next two days will be nice because even though I need to go to the Shala, practice doesn’t start until 9 a.m. (Monday is a holiday here). I’ll be able to sleep in a bit on those days! Like I said: LAZY! :-D

I did 30 minutes of Jivamukti this morning. That DVD is really growing on me and I haven’t even done the entire thing yet. I usually use the first 35 minutes, then segue off into my own backbending practice and finishing poses. I prefer David Life’s voice-over to Sharon Gannon’s. He’s more down-to-earth and I absolutely love the way he cue every. single. inhale. and. exhale. It’s like being led through a practice by the hand...almost coaxed along. On Saturdays when I’m feeling beat, I don’t want to work too hard and it’s nice to be pampered along with a clear led sequence.

Backbending was okay, but I wasn’t feeling very open. I miss the heat of the Shala when I’m practising at home. I did three backbends with the DVD, two on my own with hands walking in, another two with rocking and one more set for posterity.

Here’s Backbend #9:

I’m more-or-less in the same ‘place’ I was last week, in terms of the depth of the backbend but my shoulders are a bit more open because I was doing some shoulder opening exercises between rounds of backbends. I haven’t done my spiderman routine since Thursday and I need to get back to it in order to build strength and muscle memory. I’ll add that back in tomorrow.

I’m having a terrific day! In a few minutes, I’m off to a Yoga Sutras chanting workshop. No plans for the evening, so I’m going to rest, relax, play my guitar and read a good book. Maybe get some extra sleep.

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