Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Every so often it happens, and when it does, I don’t have a lot to say: I’m having a ‘uneventful practice week’.

Public transit has been reliable, my alarm always goes off (and I get up), the Shala is quiet and I zip through my practice, without drama or fuss.

Even back bending has morphed into the ordinary. I go up, five breaths, come down, walk my hands in (repeat). Until I can walk my hands closer to my feet, the teachers are not going to help me stand up. So I’m just lingering in this ‘Urdhva Dhanurasana Purgatory’, wondering if my back will EVER get bendy enough to move on to Intermediate.

I’m not complaining! I’m pretty cozy-comfortable in Primary these days. I enjoy my practice. I’m even enjoying backbends this week, so that’s fine; I’m content with what is.

Teacher R was on duty today, so there were was more verbal commentary and a shift of emphasis in the room. It was a change of pace after a couple of days with P. It’s good to have two teachers - I like them both, and learn different things from each.

By the way, I never really resolved the whole Purvottanasana-leg-width-issue. I just modify my stance in the pose depending on who is on duty a given day. :-D If they both are, I opt for the shorter stance because R is more likely to notice and comment.

Today’s little victory was an entire practice without a single Driste violation. I’m honing my peripheral vision!


Claudia said...

Reading your blog has been making me pay more attention to the dristi, with the wonderful side effect of going within... thanks for talking about it

Kaivalya said...

I've noticed that same result of Driste on my own practice - much more inward looking. Becoming confident with the vinyasa counts has also had this affect.

LadyRayCello said...

me <3's Purvo....
yay for backbends!
I pulled my left hammie a month ago so modifying my practice has been interesting.... our bodies can be fascinating... and annoying... but I try to focus on finding the "problems" as interesting rather than judging. :)

Anonymous said...

I admire how you've cultivated a sense of contentment in your practice. It's clear that you see yoga as a journey, not as a destination. I think we all go through this kind of soul-searching on the brink of Intermediate series. Have faith! The breakthroughs will come just when you're least expecting them. I'm really enjoying your blog! :-)

Emma said...

is the cartoon from the new yorker?

Kaivalya said...

That's a positive way of viewing the body. Hope your hamstring heals quickly!

Thanks for the encouragement. :-) It's good to hear from people who have 'been there' and know the terrain. I've really appreciated all the support and advice from the 'Cybershala'. It's such a positive, respectful community.

I don't know - I found it through Google images. It has the appropriate note of irony, though!