Monday, March 1, 2010


Back to my full practice this morning. Aside from the usual dawdling, I got right down to business and worked really hard. Now that I’m finally seeing a bit of progress with my backbending, I’m very focused when I’m in Urdhva Dhanurasana.

I used to come out of that pose early because I hated the hold. Now, the hold doesn’t feel long *enough*. I have a lot to do in my backbends, what with all of that hand-walking and weight-shifting and fiddling around.

I often don’t enjoy the very first backbend, but by the third, the backbend feels almost okay physically. I still don’t get the people who rave about how GREAT backbends feel (I’m looking at you, Boodiba), but I’m starting to see a glimmer.

And I’ve been busy, busy, busy (as evidenced by the lag in posting these entries; I simply didn’t have time to write them). I’m not sure where the time goes, but it disappears into a black hold somewhere and then it’s not available when I need it.

You may recall that I declared that February would be the ‘month of awesome’. Well, it was VERY awesome:
- I committed to a six-day Astanga practice for the month and met that goal
- It wasn’t a specific goal, but my ‘yoga streak’ is still intact :-D
- I added 5 Intermediate poses to my daily practice
- I’m finally making progress in my backbends!
- I added two new classes to my teaching schedule, plus taught a few one-offs ($$$)
- I completed my cleaning and decluttering project
- I saw Avatar *twice*
- I played some really great hockey
- I celebrated Valentines Day with a Day of Fun

I’ve decided that March will be the ‘Month of Tapas’

No, not like Spanish Hors d’oeuvres. *grin* The Sanskrit Tapas: inner fire stoked through effort and self-discipline. I’m gonna work hard this month!

Here are my goals:
- As last month, a six-day Astanga practice, including my Intermediate poses at least 4 of those days
- Go to one class a week with a senior teacher (probably IM, since his class fits my schedule)
- Go to at least one led Primary at Shala Central during the month
- Increase my meditation practice to 15 minutes daily
- Practice my guitar daily
- Daily walks, at least a half-hour
- Develop and launch an advanced class downtown
- Attend the yoga show and one or two workshops

Okay, if I wasn’t busy before, I’ll be busy now! March is a light teaching month because a bunch of my pre-registered classes go on hiatus. That’s where all my ‘free time’ is coming from and now I’m going to fill it! Watch me go!

In honour of Tapas, here is the stunning Audrey Hepburn displaying her 'Fantastic Figure':


susananda said...

OMG Audrey! Why isn't she lifting her knees though??

You can hold UD as long as you want :) I do 8-10 breaths, agree five's not enough.

Kaivalya said...

I don't know!!! She totally could if she tried - she looks bendy!

I think I'm going to add on a couple of additional UD's to my routine. I'll hold the first three for 5 breath cycles, then hold the one or two more for longer durations.

I must be doing something right this week because backbending is actually feeling good to me!