Thursday, March 18, 2010


I managed to sneak in a practice this morning, with Aunt Flow practically pounding the door as I finished the closing sequence (sans inversions). The temperature was 18C today, bright and sunny - incredibly, record-breakingly balmy for this time of year. But instead of romping around outside in the park with Princess Fur, I was hunkered down indoors, feeling broken.


Now I’m feeling a *bit* better: camped out with a pile of books and DVDs (more on this in a moment) and a honkin’ bag of Hershey’s chocolate kisses. :-D

Today, I wanted to practice the Primary Series entirely self-led. Usually, I practice with an audio recording because it helps to keep me focused. Well, I was astounded by how focused I could be without that crutch. In fact, I worked *much* harder in some poses, since I had the extra time to get into them. And I sweated. A lot! Another surprise!

My self-led Primary Series, without the inversions, took about 75 minutes, which included a break to photograph Urdhva Paschimottanasana and Setu Bandhasana. I remembered all the poses (another concern of mine, should I decide to practice at the Shala) and their names, the drishtes and most of the vinyasa transitions between poses too.

Today, I contacted Shala Central regarding a one-week trial in their Mysore room. I’d like to start on Monday, if possible. This would give me a week to experience it before diving into a full month in April, if that’s what I decide to do.

In the meantime, I have three days of Lady’s Holiday to endure (Sorry, ‘Red Tent’ enthusiasts: I find no joy in this female ritual). Last week, I conducted a serious search of my city library’s DVD collection and placed a hold on every single promising DVD. Three have already arrived. For my viewing pleasure tonight:

Sean Corne: Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Yoga Burn: Rodney Yee

and the enticingly titled:
Advanced Yoga with Rodney Yee

The last DVD carries this colourful WARNING! label:

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING makes me want to crack open a DVD with gusto like a good cautionary label. Bring it ON! :-D


If I’m feeling better tomorrow, I’ll probably give one of these a shot for my practice. Probably not the WARNING! practice, though. At least not for a day or so. ;-)

Referrer Thursday

This week, I’m sending some love Arturo’s way.

I’ve been following Arturo’s blog, Cronyogitect, for so long, I’ve kind of forgotten when I started reading, but it’s been at least three years. Back when I was practising CRON seriously along with Astanga, Arturo’s writing provided a rich source of inspiration and information for me.

I’ve really enjoyed following his adventures in China over the past year. His photographs make me want to visit that country someday! His accounts of daily life there are a fascinating glimpse into the experience of an expat living and working in China. Here’s a tidbit:

“what struck me first was that there where people everywhere! and cafes, and shops and a bank, and tire repair places, all around. and despite the hustle and bustle of the city all around, it does not feel noisy in the apartment, not like my old apartment in San Francisco on Market Street where i heard the ratatat of the trolleys and the clanging of the tethers of bus of line 21, which tended to lose their connection daily while making a right turn. but certainly there is the similar life there was in San Fran right outside the building. “

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