Thursday, March 4, 2010


Oh, ow. I’m so sore. Given that I only did a half-Primary yesterday and an hour of vinyasa in the evening, this is very weird. Keep in mind, I often teach 4-5 classes and I never feel this beaten up afterward.

It’s been years since I went to IM’s classes, but I think I remember now: he gently pushes you along and you don’t even realise how hard you’re working. The classes never seem especially difficult, but the yoga hangover? *Very* intense.

He only did one really physical adjustment (Marichyasana C), but he did pop by and make all these little suggestions, mostly telling me about how I could work harder in whatever pose I happened to be in. So, of course, I did!

Always a diligent student, I applied that advice on the other side of the pose (or even in other relevant poses). And I was definitely working a bit deeper than usual - the heat of the room and the energy of other practitioners always does that to me.

But OW! Let me count the ways: quad, shins, shoulders, biceps, tripeps, pectorals, most everything on my sidebody, abs and OW-my-hip-flexors. Especially on the right side. It’s so tender that I can’t keep my leg up in Navasana; I felt a cramping sensation around my hip crease. The left is also cranky, but not as bad.

Practice was a bit comedic this morning. I was sore, but I was also muscle-tired. I kind of limped through my practice like an old woman, but I got through it. I hope this hip flexor soreness fades by the weekend because I was hoping to visit Shala Central on Sunday for the led Primary.

But I’m not complaining - to the contrary: I’m happy that my body is working hard and I can feel the effects of my work.

Referrer Thursday

It’s once again Referrer Thursday. This week, I’m giving props to Claudia, her blog is called ‘On the Astanga Path While on Mother Earth’. Her posts are interesting, varied and always sincere. I’ve found interesting book reviews, product evaluations and many interesting posts exploring the ins and outs of the practice (my favourites are the more philosophical ones).

Her latest offering tugged on my heart. It takes a heap of courage to share so openly on the Wild, Wild Web. Thank you for your words and generous spirit, Claudia!

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Claudia said...

Hi, I missed a couple of posts and just noticed you refer Thursday. Thank you! :-)