Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I paid for a month of Shala fees this morning. Now I’m committed, for 30 days, at least!

I didn’t skip any poses at all today, but I had to repeat Garba Pindasana because I was doing it in the wrong direction! All this time, I’ve been circling counter-clockwise and I need to do it clockwise. “This isn’t a problem”, I thought. But then I started to roll...apparently, I’m missing some vital ‘muscle memory’. On the bright side, once I learn this, I’ll be multi-directional!

Chakrasana wasn’t happening for me this morning. I kind of flopped around, but never managed a good landing.

It’s true. The world may be slapping me around a bit this week, but at least my scalp is healthy.

Embrace the small things.


Helen said...

Great news about signing up for a month. It sounds like it is going really well. Also can be hard to practice alone when going through life changes. Sorry to hear your news. Is the regular teacher back now?

Boodiba said...

Yes group energy can count for a LOT. Also the attention of a teacher who cares.

Kaivalya said...

@Helen, Boodi
Obviously, I didn't plan it this way, but the Shala experiment has turned out to be VERY well-timed.

It's the best possible place for my practice right now. At home, I'd still practice, but I'd be lazier.

Also, the early wake-up and hard work is making me TIRED. I've had no problems with insomnia.

The regular teachers (there are two of them, both authorised) will return on Friday.

Boodiba said...

Yes let them guide and take care of you for a while!

Kaivalya said...

Yes, it will be wonderful to have guidance in my practice and to accept help. I tend to be very independent in all areas of my life. There's some 'letting go' involved here, but it feels good.

Boodiba said...

There's a theme going on with a lot of women I know... and it's all about that!

I've had to practice a lot of this myself as you know.