Sunday, March 7, 2010


Last night, I decided to look for Kino MacGregor’s Primary and Intermediate Series DVDs. After finding them online, I submitted a message through a generic contact form, asking about international shipping.

When I awoke, I found a friendly email from Kino MacGregor in my inbox. Wow, was I ever surprised! Hi Kino!

I think Kino got a laugh from receiving an email from a ‘Reluctant Ashtangi’. She liked the name! In her note, she mentioned that she would be in Canada this year. I had a look at her schedule and sure enough, Kino is coming to my city. Um...early next month!!!

A frantic flurry of schedule shuffling commenced.

When the dust settled, I was signed up for two afternoon workshops and an early morning led Primary Series with Kino. I’m very excited! (And I’m getting the DVDs too) Between the yoga conference, Kino and two other workshops I’m signed up for, April is shaping up to be my ‘Month of Svadhyaya'.


I had a very mediocre practice this morning. I was feeling stiff and out-of-sorts, unmotivated. Taking a day off yesterday was fun, but it was hard to get back into the swing of things today.

My right hip flexor is almost back to normal, but I modified my practice again, just to be sure. I’m missing those lift-ups! It’s amazing how much heat they produce in my vinyasas. My body wasn’t nearly as warm with the modifications. I missed the added energy of the lifts. Maybe tomorrow?

Since I was feeling ‘blah’ about everything else, I decided to have some fun with backbends today. I found a few good backbending tutorials and videos on YouTube.

This one isn’t instructional, but I like the simplicity of her technique: Go up...come down...keep the feet planted and walk the hands in...repeat as necessary.

This next video is heavy on the ‘party favours’ (read: props), but a lot of fun if you like that sort of thing (read: Iyengar *grin*). I tried the chair thing and it’s AWESOME! (I also liked the one with the feet on blocks against the wall - it has the same effect as lifting the heels, bringing the bend into the thoracic back).


And now, it’s time for...

The Internet Asks: Interesting Searches in My Access Stats

yoga toothpaste
I have to admit, I raised an eyebrow for this one. But there’s everything else yoga! I’ve found everything from yoga socks, yoga toe spreaders (I own a set), yoga paws (which has nothing to do with dogs) to yoga for dogs (which has everything to do with dogs). So why not? And incredibly, it actually exists.

is it okay to do vinyasa every day?
Gosh, I hope so. Or I’m in BIG trouble. I’ll let you know if I experience any long-term ill effects. Like a Bodhi tree growing out of my head. Or Birkenstocks (uh oh...wait a minute...)

reluctant ashtangi on twitter
I need another Twitter account like I need a hole in my head, but...okay.


Boodiba said...

April will be fun for you! Fantastic you found out Kino will be in town in time to make the arrangements.

Anonymous said...

Kino's led Primary is a life-changer. Ride it, it's worth it.

Michelle said...

Hey Kai, thanks for the tip on the window decal for the bird problem.
I have been catching up on your blog. I haven't stopped reading, just incredibly busy these past weeks. Hope all is well. M

Claudia said...

Lucky you to have her coming over, great news! I was just watching her primary dvd... thansk for the video, it is very good, I am very scared of the chair, dont know why I feel like I could fall and feel less in control with a chair there, although must admit it looks pretty solid...

Emma said...

thanks for the links! i like the wall one..

Boodiba said...

It worked out!!!

Kaivalya said...

Yes, like magic, like it was meant to be. I love these moments of grace in my life :-)

Boodiba said...

I'm sure you will get MUCH more from the DVDs this way :) Great that she answered you personally too.

Kaivalya said...

I know the chair looks really unstable, but with your feet solidly on the legs, it doesn't go anywhere.

If you have a person handy, ask them to hold the chair steady the first few times you try it until you build confidence. Another option is to work very close to the wall.