Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I love how unpredictable and inexplicable this practice can be.

Today was the day Marichyasana C came easy . For the first time ever, I scored a mid-hand bind on both sides of Marichyasana D. And in Garba Pindasana, I did that thing where the fingers frame the face, chin resting neatly in the heel of the hand (I was so excited, I forgot to roll!). In Krounchasana, my shin and my chin finally came together and the pose suddenly started to make sense.

And yet, my bind in Supta Kurmasana? Gone!

It’s like the universe was saying, “Sure, go ahead and feel good about your practice, but not TOO good.” That Sleeping Turtle is like anything else in this life. It comes and goes, expands and contracts, emerges and withdraws. Change, change, change.

I had a surprisingly good practice, given that yesterday was a Moon Day AND Hockey Day. We played a late game against a particularly brutal team (at one point, they had two players serving penalties simultaneously - in a league where penalties are rare, this was a special moment). We lost, of course. I didn’t even look at the score.

Brutal or not, I’m determined not to miss any more games this season because after mid-April, my hockey career is over. My Hockey Buddy is also taking a break. We’re both ‘clearing space’ in our lives (My space filled rather too quickly - I’m teaching two new classes the week after the season ends).

I’ve noticed that ice hockey hardens and closes up my body in subtle ways, as if the body armour I wear on the outside wasn’t enough to protect me. My muscles fuse into barricades. I believe my occasional SI joint issues are related to weekly games (all of that twisting and turning on the ice), as well as my tight left hip flexors. Each week, everything starts to soften, then I play a game and my body hardens. Whenever I struggle with backbends, like I did today, I always wonder about the other stresses that I put on my body in other areas of my life.

So this is an experiment, but it was a difficult one to choose. Hockey Buddy and I are already pondering a possible comeback.

(caption reads: Sure protection helps keep wetness and odour in check.
So it gives you what everyone wants - an outstanding defence)

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Michelle said...

No more hockey? I don't believe it. But, you are a busy woman and it would be nice to free up some time. Not only game time but "injury time" as well.