Friday, March 19, 2010


Rodney Yee’s ‘Yoga Burn’ did not heat me up, but it offered a gentle yoga practice. Today, that’s all I needed.

The style on this DVD is coined ‘slow vinyasa’ and it definitely crawled along. Most poses were repeated three times. Though this sounds like a great idea in theory, the poses were not held for *very* long (in some cases, not even held for a single breath cycle). It was hard to settle into anything and tune into the sensations of the body.

The opening movements and standing poses didn’t heat my body. By the time forward bends rolled around, I wasn’t sufficiently warmed up to feel comfortable in them. I think a few opening Sun salutations would have helped.

The positives: The slow, deliberate pace allowed me to really focus on my breath. Movement in and between poses was so slow and measured, it would have been easy to add an additional focus - say, Bandhas or engaging the abdominals. I liked the format of the DVD. For the same video sequence, there were two different soundtracks: One with full instruction and one with poses only. It was nice to be able to choose a quieter practice that was still led.

For beginners who are new to vinyasa yoga, this DVD provides a gentle introduction to the concept of breath synchronized movement. Anyone who practises Astanga or has a more advanced practice is probably won’t enjoy this one, though it’s a nice practice if you’re feeling under the weather.


I heard back from Shala Central. They have room for me, so I’m good to go for Monday (through I may try to start on Sunday with their led Primary). The main teachers will be out of town for the last part of ‘my week’, but I’ll get a few days in with them before meeting the sub.

I’ve already started setting my alarm earlier to adjust to the new, earlier-than-early, schedule. Note to self: wash the Manduka.


Thanks to several long. long walks in the spring sunshine, Princess Fur is finally speaking me to again (despite last week’s grooming debacle). But, as you can see, she’s still not sure she wants her tender, pink belly displayed all over the Internet.

Tough beans, kid!


Claudia said...

Hmm... I have never seen the yoga burn dvd... I just read the reviews on amazon and most seem to agree on how misleading the title is...

I did however practice to the "advanced yoga", and I remember liking it, although it was something like 4 years ago, I remember that there is a distinct mistake, I think when he puts one of his legs behind his neck he does something that then he forgets to to do on the other side, so I had to stop it to do the whole thing...

I would be curious about your experience with the Sean Corne one

Brooks Hall said...

I love your doggie!