Thursday, June 18, 2009

Hatha, Astanga

This was a bizarre day.

I was up bright and early, 5 a.m. I did about an hour of Hatha yoga with my new yoga buddy Erich Schiffman (the DVD). It was nice - the apartment was softly lit by the early morning light and I lit the OM candle that Yogamum sent me to enhance the atmosphere. I took the dog for a quiet walk in the park (I love my neighbourhood at this hour of the morning) and headed to the subway shortly after.

When I arrived at my contract location, I was told that they didn't need me. There was this huge miscommunication (between the client and the agency; a conversation I wasn't part of) so I ended up coming home early.

The entire day felt like a bit of a disaster but at the same time it was oddly harmonious. I was wearing a new pair of shoes and by the time I arrived at the location, I had terrible blisters. I limped all the way down to the security office to get my $5 deposit back on my ID badge, wincing in pain every step. On the way back to the client's office, I saw a vendor in the lobby. I think I may have actually heard angels sing when I noticed that she was selling squishy, croc-style flip-flops. For $5. I handed over my newly acquired security deposit and received a bright orange pair of marvelously comfortable shoes. I joyfully flip flopped around the building until I finally left.

I spent most of the the day at home, in my pyjamas, reading library books, drinking tea and feeling decadent. ;-)

My evening class cancelled due to weather (it's rainy and, once again, unseasonable cold), so I decided to hop on the mat and do the Primary Series. Yoga, Round 2. I had a great practice and really enjoyed myself. I just had fun. Since it was unexpected, it felt like a gift.

For some reason, I'm loving Marichyasana C. I usually hate it, but I'm binding to wrist this week and it's feeling good to me.

Here's some more 1970s Glamour Yoga. Kareen is the ultimate yoga cheerleader:

Figure 10: Gimme an 'O'!
Figure 11: Gimme a 'Y'!
If you add a 'G' and an 'A', whaddaya got? YOGA!!!

(Many of my older students remember Kareen from her yoga show. She's all kinds of awesome and greatly beloved here in Canada).

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