Sunday, June 21, 2009


This is what I see as I practice in the morning. For the dog, yoga is our daily routine. That is, I do yoga while she sleeps. From what I can tell, it's a deep sleep and a tad athletic. I wonder if she gets extra karma points for witnessing my yoga practice over her lifetime? Is this an auspicious rebirth for her? Sort of like a child who's born into a family of sages?

I returned to my downtown shoebox late last night and awoke at 5 this morning to sunlight streaming in through the windows. Finally, summery weather! I enjoyed a full morning of yoga, a long walk to the Big Park, and a downtown class taught in a local park, damp earth underneath my feet as I walked between students, offering cues and adjusting postures.

I'm drunk on sunlight!

I had a fiery and sweaty practice this morning. By the time I finished, the towel I use to mop my face was soaked. I really love these heated summer yoga practices. I never seem to be able to work up a good sweat in the winter. It's easy in the summer with the heat and humidity.

I had a good practice. With the exception of a very cautious Bhujapidasana, I did everything that's currently in my repertoire. I bound in all the poses I usually bind in (except the left side in Marichyasana D, which continues to elude me). Sirsasana is such a joy. Each time I do this pose, I feel more and more stable. I'm no longer afraid of falling out. Backbends were strong and mostly comfortable.


Victoria said...

Sounds like you had a most wonderful and enjoyable practice. I love to practice outside in the sun! It's invigorating.

Michelle said...

And we are quite the opposite. Summer Solstice brought Saskatchwan much needed rain and cool temperatures. At last.

Arturo said...

hi Kai
that's cute. has she been watching you since she was very young? then she has been doing yoga all of her life. at least that is what D. used to say about the dog she brings to her class when she teaches in SF. the dog is fun because she'll go watch people doing asanas.

i took two workshops with BBB. she is very funny, just like in her books.


Kaivalya said...

@Victoria: I actually produced all that sweat indoors, in the shade, with a fan running. But I do love practising outdoors too - sometimes I'll do a practice on the balcony, but usually in the evening.

@Michelle: Glad you finally got some cooler temperatures. Seems you sent your hot weather eastward - thank you! :-)

@Arturo: Yes, I've had a near-daily practice since she was a tiny puppy. Sometimes, she'll come up beside me in sun salutations and do her own version of down dog and up dog. Makes me wonder if it's coincidence, or if she's really imitating me?

Someday, I'd like to meet BBB. She seems like she would be a genuine character!