Sunday, June 7, 2009


Okay, honestly? I really intended to do my full Astanga practice today.

But I slept in this morning, went out for sushi, then headed to the Drumming Festival. I figured I would stay for a half-hour or so but it was so much fun I ended up staying there all afternoon. The drumming festival is really quite magical.

I do play a drum (djembe) but didn't have it with me. I laid on the grass, watching the leaves sway overhead and listening to the performances. Supper was found at the food tents (the best Roti I've ever tasted and some of the most mediocre doubles) then I headed back to the apartment for an evening of junk television.

And still, there was no yoga. I kept putting it off until it was very late. Finally, I unrolled the mat for 20 minutes of restorative yoga before I went to sleep. Hm, let's see: forward bends, Supta Padangustasana, Supta Baddha Konasana, a supine twist and Savasana.

But the drumming festival was fun! ;-)

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