Saturday, June 13, 2009


You know, *this* is what I love about Yoga.

Just when you think you have a plan, that you're on a roll. Just when you think you have it all figured out, Yoga smirks, then bitch-slaps your errant ego back into shape. *ouch*

All week, I faithfully did hip openers. I was a woman on a mission! And let me tell you, my hips? They are most *definitely* open. It's nice - even walking down the street feels better. I taught Eka Pada Raj Kapotanasana yesterday in my morning class and I slid into the pose like butter. My hip crease kissed the floor. But my backbend?

This is state-of-the-backbend this week:

It's kind of hard to say, but I think it actually looks *worse* than last week's backbend. No improvement at all.

I'm loving the open hips though, and I'm really enjoying messing around with these extracurricular poses before the closing sequence, so I'm going to carry on.

Today, full Primary Series, plus lots of hip openers and Ustrasana. Good, but not a great practice. I was feeling tired. I noticed some tightness/cramping in my mid-back, right side.

Of course, this made me a bit panicky because it evoked memories of last year's horrible shoulder/upper back injury that kept me out of shoulder stand for months. But Supta Konasana felt fine, so I knew that couldn't be it. I tried various movements trying to pinpoint the spot. then glanced through an anatomy book.

It's my Latissimus Dorsi. This is a new one! I wonder what did it? I think I may need to place a moratorium on doing more advanced poses cold. I know, I know...I can see you shaking your head and 'tsking' at me. There was that demo I did of Supta Kurmasana for my youth class yesterday...

I'll end on a high note: Sirsasana was marvelous! It's moved from the 'dreaded pose list' to the 'favourite pose list.'

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