Monday, June 8, 2009


“Life is only two minutes long: one minute you are born, the next minute, you die. In between, only a flash of lightening….”
- Sri K Pattabhi Jois

I found this posted on Yoga Dork this morning. I love this quote. My life sometimes feels this way. Where did the last ten years go, for example? I started yoga teacher training when I was in my early 30s. Now, I'm on the verge of my 40s. The time has flown by.

The Building Overlords turned off the water for the day for plumbing repairs so I escaped to the café for breakfast. I had eggs this morning because the Pancake Lady wasn't back in the kitchen. I came home, did some work and unrolled my mat a couple hours later.

Today's practice gave me a whole new appreciation for the value of an empty stomach. I felt a bit queasy during the sun salutations, but it passed as I moved into the standing poses. Still, I felt 'heavy' in the vinyasas. It was a strong practice, but not a light one. This could also be due to my *ahem* less-than-optimal diet over the weekend.

The apartment was warm; I sweated buckets today. My Mysore rug really needs to go in the wash, but I'm afraid if I do that, it will fall apart completely. I have my eye on the eQua yoga towels, but they're pricey. If I get a good contract this summer, I might do it.

Supta Kurmasana was really deep. I'm starting to realise how important the Marichyasanas are in preparing for that pose. Skimp on the Maris and binding in Supta K is difficult. Today, I discovered a neat little trick for getting my shoulders further behind my knees in preparation for the pose. I lift my heels, one at a time, so I could move my calf muscle forward and make space for the shoulder to slide in behind the knee. My back wasn't cranky at all and I was able to bind easily.

And here's something neat: I'm starting to look forward to Sirsasana! I actually like this pose! Coming up and down from half-bend doesn't feel so scary anymore.

I finally scanned some pages from the vintage yoga books. Today's image is brought to you by polyester and the colour green. Note the dance tights which match the leotard which match the logo. She kinda looks like a refugee from a 1960s space drama. Yoga Trek, perhaps?

“Ensign Marshall, please come to the bridge. The Captain would like to adjust your Ardha Matsyendrasana.”

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