Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 264

My practice routine has been a little bit dodgy these past few weeks, mainly because I don't seem to be getting up at 5 a.m. anymore - or feeling a burning need for yoga when I do. Instead, I've been eating a small breakfast (fibre & protein & veg juice; about 200 calories), going for a long walk and doing some work. These days, I often do my practice right before lunch (with the proverbial carrot dangling in front of me enticingly; I love lunch).

Today, I made it to the mat a bit earlier and had a good practice (the carrot this time was my mid-morning snack, a bowl of sliced grapefruit).

I know I keep saying that: “I had a good practice” But what does that mean exactly?

I think I've settled into another 'Groundhog Day' phase of my yoga practice, where every day feels pretty much the same. After the rush of little breakthroughs last week, I'm back into the routine of Just Doing It. Just Doing It feels might good! It's deeply satisfying to finally have a steady and consistent experience of the primary series that doesn't feel rushed or difficult or overwhelming.

At this point, I can *do* all the poses (even Setu Bandhasana, though I typically skip it, replace it with bridge). The vinyasa transitions are another story. I'm not sure I will ever do Chakrasana - for the same reason I skip Setu (I'm cautious of anything that will put a strain on my cervical spine).

I've taken a new approach to some of the other vinyasas - it's 'baby steps' again. Right now, after Bujipadasana and the Kurmasanas, I'm simply working on getting into Bakasana. At the moment, it's such a sloppy Bakasana that I can't jump back (properly set up, the jump-back is easy for me). So I'm just doing what I can, every day, without fail, figuring that in time, it will get easier (because it always seems to).

I reinserted handstands back into my practice in my favourite little interval: immediately before backbends. Works for me. Handstands are going well. No Chewbaka appearances lately.

Backbends: I'm still using the CD and Sharath counts sooooooo slooooooowly. Geez. My arms and my armpits hurt after the third backbend. This can only be good for me, right? I'm going to keep at it.

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alfia said...

You are so ready for the second!