Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 262

Today, I used Sharath's CD from start to finish. I absolutely love it! I love the count, I love the how unembellished and simple it is, I love the pace. It's also a very quick practice - just over an hour. There's no messing around, no fussing or pausing. Each pose is held for an exact duration. It's like the guy has a metronome in his head. Lovely.

And there's another layer: I find his teaching very calming and matter-of-fact. Sharath takes all the drama out of my practice. There simple isn't room for my hang-ups and story-lines. There's simply no time!

So I had a good practice. Back to binding to fingers in Marichyasana D - the wrist bind comes and goes. Feeling stronger than ever in headstand. Didn't do handstand (need to find a way to bring that into my practice when I'm using the CD).

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