Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Day 248

Better practice this morning! I used a DVD to help keep me on track. I seem to be in the headspace for led practice right now. I focus and breath better when I'm being 'led.' A few months ago, I couldn't stand the thought of using the DVD. My practice was less utilitarian and more contemplative I go through phases.

Sometimes, it's easier to let go of thoughts when someone else is doing the counting for me. My mind has been very busy lately and during this morning's practice, I actually found a space of silence during Janu Sirsasana. I really needed that.

I'm trying to go off of refined sugar again and I'm finding it very challenging. I managed to get through three days without it and then I was hit with a horrible cravings. So I bought a small bag of yogurt-covered malt balls at the health food store on my way home from teaching a class last night. I ate them on an empty stomach and literally made myself sick. I had to lay down for about 30 minutes until it passed - waves of nausea and a near-vertigo from the sugar rush.

Next time, I'll opt for dried fruit. I love eating sugary things, but I hate the way I feel afterward. Eventually, my mind will absorb this lesson and I won't crave them anymore (I hope!) That's the way it was with alcohol: I've come to a point where I don't like to drink it because it makes me feel icky - during and afterward.

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Anonymous said...

Please share any suggestions for surviving the sugar cravings that you discover! I'm on week 4 of no refined sugar and still finding that the cravings come and go. I do feel better though, both during practice and during the rest of the day....not sure how long I can keep it up though!
I found that I too stopped wanting anything with alcohol after a couple years of practice. Knowing how icky I would feel was enough to create a distase...if only this would happen with sugar!
Good luck opting out of sugar!