Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 254

I didn't practise with the DVD today, though I was listening to Beth Orton's magnificent CD 'Trailer Park' throughout. *swoon*

I had a good, solid practice. I skipped Navasana, but added it back in before I did Garba Pindasana.

I'm feeling comfortable binding in the Marichyasanas again and Marichyasana C is feeling better and better. I've been coming into these binding poses different lately. I used to kind of mosey into them, squiggling and scrunching myself. Now, I come into the twist first, then completely stretch and straighten the wrapping arm and wrap with gusto - as if I was going to plan my knee into my arm pit. I find that I'm able to come deep this way and the bind is stronger. For some reason, I feel like I have more leverage with this entry, especially in Mari C ( I can keep the foot of the bent knee on the floor and it's easier to maintain a long spine).

Another interesting epiphany: Last year in Teacher M's Anusara class, he kept verbally adjusting my Parsvakonasana, telling me to lift my top arm higher. I can easily bring my arm along my ear in this pose, so his direction really confused me. However, this morning, I kept my arm high as I came into the pose and noticed that with the arm raised and deeply extended, I could bring a deeper upward rotation to the torso. I practised this way on both side and found that even on my left side, I was able rotate more deeply.

Teacher H was probably trying to tell me the same thing through a physical adjustment she made in the same posture back in March. On my left side, she physically lifted my arm, then reached under my lower rib cage and lifted, rotating me upward.

I'm feeling very frustrated with Prasarita Padottanasana C right now. Will my hands ever reach the floor? Is this do-able, something I can work on? Any tips?

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