Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Day 259

I felt very tired this morning and did a quick, efficient practice. I'm not as focused on my breathing as I was last week - in fact, at times my breath felt blocked. Despite my lethargy, I had a really great headstand and my backbends were particularly juicy and good.

I have a breakthrough to report! Not only am I able to successfully navigate those Invisible Arm Holes in Padmasana for Garba Pindasana, I'm no longer using my spray bottle! I'm able to slip my arms through without props or assistance and this has made a huge difference in the arm balance at the end. I’m able to get more height in that balance.

Also (and this is a small thing), it feels like less work, not having to stop and spray my arms. I'm able to keep the flow going; my momentum isn't broken.

And I feel like a rockstar! ;-)

My computer is in for repairs this morning (I'm writing this on paper, to be transferred to my computer tomorrow). I don't think I fully realised what a distraction the computer is. Several times as I was practising, I noticed my attention drifting before a challenging pose: “Email?”

Something to think about...

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