Saturday, September 29, 2007

Day 84

I didn't feel like practising today - probably a bad aftertaste from yesterday's horrible practice. Of course, I practised anyway. That's the brilliant part about force of routine - sometimes you're carried along by sheer momentum.

I didn't have time to go for a walk first, so I pretty much rolled out of bed and onto the mat which introduced some problems from the get-go: I felt stiff and sore and tired. My right heel was tender (plantar faciaitis). I felt a general sense of fatigue and resignation. I felt like going straight back to bed.

Thank goodness that all passed by the third sun salutation! I had a great practice! I felt strong, clear and focused. When I finished, I was overwhelmed by a sense of contentment and peace that followed me the whole day.

It's really amazing what a difference a day can make!

I had a really difficult time with shoulderstand today. I held it for 10 breaths but it felt yucky. I seem to remember that I had this same problem in August, when I was practising right after waking in the morning. Apparently, my shoulderstand is not a 'morning pose.'

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