Monday, September 17, 2007

Day 76

Took the day off yesterday. Sundays seem to be the best day for me to take my weekly 'break' since I already teach on Saturdays anyway.

So, I lost my hips this morning.

I think they're off in the Bahamas someplace, or maybe Cuba. Wherever they went, I'm sure it's someplace warm, where fruity cocktails are served with little umbrellas and the sand warms happy joints.

No half-lotus anything for me this morning; I was modifying all poses that required the slightest degree of openness in the hips. But the modifications felt so good! When other parts of my body are tight (lower back, I'm talking to you!), I often feel discomfort or even pain. But my hips are a different story. No matter how tight I am, hip openers always feel like a sigh of relief for my body. I'm one of those crazy ones who silently cheers when my teacher announces that we will be doing pigeon pose.

I kinda miss pigeon pose!

It's been easier to get myself on the mat in the past few days. I'm getting back into some sort of a routine. I was right about mornings - I may not like morning practice, but it's the only way to discipline myself to practice daily and daily practice is very, very important to me right now.

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