Saturday, September 15, 2007

Day 75

I went out dancing last night and stayed out until nearly 2 a.m. This is a radical departure for me, the one who is rubbing her eyes by 9 p.m. I was able to pull it off with a long evening nap, but all the same I was exhausted when I woke (too early) this morning.

During my practice, I noticed that my left ankle was sore. It was sore last night when I was dancing too. My left hip is a bit less open than my right and I've noticed in Marichyasana B, my ankle sometimes gets cocked at a crazy angle in the pose and feel achy afterward. I'm wondering if perhaps I'm over-stretching the muscles on the lateral side of the ankle and causing some instability in the joint.

This is definitely NOT something I want to do - I need all the stability I can get in that joint playing ice hockey. Just another little funny quirk that I can't fully blame on my medication...or can I? I need to pay attention to the signals my body is sending me, even if my body sometimes seems like an overwrought drama queen.

Shoulderstand came back today and I welcomed her with open arms. Supta Konasana and I are once again on speaking terms. Savasana was bliss!

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