Thursday, September 27, 2007

Day 82

Yesterday was a moon day. I've only recently become a fan of moon days, probably because now that I've been doing this practice 6 days a week, I've learned that a yoga vacation is something to be embraced! The only thing really missing from my moon day this time was a group of fellow ashtangis to go out and celebrate with! (where's the sangha when you really need it?) ;-)

As it was, I stayed up late watching the telly, then slept in the next morning. I really missed my practice, particularly in the afternoon. I felt kind of shifty and nervous all day. I ended up laying over blocks for 10 minutes and meditating for a while in the early evening.

Today, I had one of those practices where absolutely everything felt good! I was in a state of physical bliss for nearly the entire practice. This is such a rare state of affairs that I made sure to savour every moment of it! It won't last.

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