Saturday, September 8, 2007

Day 70

I suspect that today was the last really 'summery' day of summer. It was hot, sunny, with deep blue skies and whispy clouds strewn across like cotton candy. The beach was busy, but not crowded. The air was sweet. I resolved from the moment I awoke until the moment I finally crawled into bed exhausted that I would embrace this day.

I was outdoors nearly every moment, including a lovely yoga practice on my balcony, feeling myself unfold and open into a pink sky.

Okay, that sounded nice, didn't it? What I didn't mention is that I did not feel the slightest bit motivated to practice and had to bribe myself with the balcony bit to get my reluctant mind/body onto the mat. I was covered from head-to-toe with sticky sunscreen which I didn’t bother to rinse off because I didn't want to shower twice. I practised in my bikini because I didn't want to get my practice clothes all yucky with sunscreen.

Add to that, I was sunsoaked, tired and floppy-relaxed, which made the standing poses very annoying. The only pose my reluctant body really enjoyed was Savasana, which makes sense since that is what it had been doing all day anyway.

But it was a nice day, a very nice day ;-)

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