Friday, September 14, 2007

Day 74

Today's practice was a comedy errors, with the stresses of day-to-day life making a special, cameo appearance.

I started out strong. Standing poses have really been very appealing to me lately, drawing me out of my fog. I've been feeling seriously run down over the past week. Yesterday, I was so exhausted in the afternoon that I decided to take a cat nap. Three hours later, I was still napping! I barely made it out to the Park to teach my yoga class.

Today, I worked steadily through the primary series, but stalled at Navasana. I took some time in child's pose and resolved to finish the practice, then I heard the 'clang' of my mail slot. And a thump - certainly it was the latest issue of Yoga Journal, so I got up to look at it.

And I found a letter from my landlord, informing me that I was being evicted for non-payment of rent.

I'm very organised when it comes to these things, so I checked my records. Sure enough, months before, I had given my super post-dated rent cheques through September.

I grabbed the phone and sat in half-lotus on my mat. I first phoned the accounting department of the management company. Mysteriously, they had received cheques only through August (or perhaps not so 'mysteriously' - I've had an ongoing dispute with the superintendents). I spoke with a manager and he agreed that in the future, I could submit my cheques directly to accounting, bypassing the superintendents entirely.

A few mintutes ago, I hand-delivered a replacement cheque along with three more post-dated cheques directly to the accounting office. I photocopied the cheques for my records and included a carefully worded letter to the management company describing the problem and the proposed solution.

You may be wondering what all of this has to do with yoga. Well, a few years ago I would have had an emotional meltdown if I had received an eviction notice. I probably would have phoned one of my friends, sobbing hysterically and moaned “What do I do? What do I do?” I would have felt victimized. It would have ruined my entire day, likely my entire week.

I dealt with this entire matter in under an hour, calmly and with a minimum of drama. I think I even wrote those post-dated cheques while sitting in half-lotus on the floor. Instead of feeling angry or overwhelmed, I felt calm, focused and vibrantly alive. The eviction letter became my yoga. When I finished, I did a couple of handstands, took Savasana and now I'm enjoying the rest of my day.

I often write about the physical benefits I've experienced from my hatha yoga practice (going on 12 years now!), but I seldom reflect on the maturity and strength I've developed from it. I've never been good at being a 'grown up' but yoga has helped me become a better adult. I'm not always level-headed (particularly if I'm overtired or overworked, I'm easily overwhelmed), but I'm constantly amazed at the impact yoga (and meditation) has made on every aspect of my life.


rand(om) bites said...

What an AWESOME post and something I am noticing with my life as well now. Yoga seeps into all aspects now and it's not just about the asana practice. Thanks for sharing your experience. I can totally relate.

bindifry said...

yes-the subtle aspects of yoga hardly get discussed. far superior to sticking your leg behind your head. i saved a gallon of soup a few days ago. spent awhile lovingly preparing it & when i pulled the food processer off the counter, the cord caught on the pot and pulled it half off the counter. instead of freaking, time slowed down & i caught it calmly. only lost a little. a few years back i might have spazed out & dramatically let it go.