Friday, September 21, 2007

Day 78

Bujangasana is giving me a run for my money these days. I can generally get my legs over my shoulders, lift up and cross my feet. I can even balance there for a while. But I haven't quite mastered the whole getting-my-forehead-to-the-floor thing yet.

At least, not until this morning. I actually did it! I was feeling all smug and pleased with myself so I started to lift back up. And that's when reality came crashing down or, at least, my face did. I did a full face plant on my Mysore rug, kinda twisted my neck and now I have a nice rug burn on the side of my face, and (how on earth did I manage this?) on my right eyelid. That's just great - I have a date tomorrow!

I was a bit stunned at first, like a little kid after taking a bad fall. I curled up in child's pose and felt panicked tears tickling the back of my eyelids, but after a few minutes I felt okay and carried on.

Other than that little mishap, I had a lovely practice. I felt very playful and open to trying to push my practice in new directions so I was up to all sorts of mischief! ;-) My practice stretched into nearly two hours as I experimented with poses, repeated poses and had fun. I love days like these!

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