Sunday, January 8, 2012

Me and Eddie, we're tight

In just one week, I've gone from being the blogger who's famous for dropping her keys down an elevator shaft to being the blogger whose name is casually dropped into the same sentence as Eddie's.

You should have seen my face! I was all, Eddie? Which Eddie? Oh, THAT Eddie. *jawdrop*

My nanosecond of fame was instantly eclipsed by Eddie's thought-provoking blog entry. And I'm totally fine with that because holy, can that man ever WRITE!

If you haven't yet read Eddie Stern's reply to the now-infamous New York Times article, I urge you to do so right away. Now only is it well-expressed, but he has *fabulous* taste in music. Off you go: How the NYT Can Wreck Yoga (but come back after you're finished).

There are a number of other bloggers who took on the topic this week.

Of note:

- If you only read one response…
- It's all yoga, baby: The NYT takes on yoga (again)
- Yoga in the Dragon's Den:Wrecking Your Body and Brain
- MetafilterMetafilter discussion of the article
- Balancing on Two Feet: How yoga can wreck your body? A response
- Patrick:Something of a detour - this 'wreck your body' bit
- YogaDork:Yoga Injuries and Battered Egos
- Rachel Anne Scott:How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body: A Response

I really appreciate all of the comments and the links, retweets, shares on Facebook (and ect). It felt like a helluva a comeback from my 'hiatus' (and it was really nice to hear from people too!). My stats went through the roof on the 7th. After months of relative abandonment, my poor blog probably didn't know what hit it.

There are a number of you who are new to my blog and arrived on the coat-tails of my NYT rant. Welcome!

I used to write endless practice reports in this space, but since I've sworn off that sort of thing, I now blather on about historical fiction and lost keys. I also post cute photos of my miniature schnauzer, Princess Fur, and muse about cookies.

And I write about yoga, lots and lots of yoga. I hope you'll stick around :-)

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