Thursday, January 5, 2012

The Cult of Smoothie

I had a pretty good holiday and my Christmas loot was all kinds of awesome. OMG, the gift cards! A Lulu shopping spree will be coming up sometime in the next few weeks. Also, I'm literally drowning in David's Tea cards, bolstering my New Year's resolution to switch to loose teas.

For years, I've not-so-secretly pined for a Vitamix Blender. Santa must have tired of my sniffling because I finally got one this year. Carrying that box home was one of my Great Life Moments. Please know that I'm not exagerating. If you don't have any idea what I'm talking about, you clearly don't hang out with enough vegans and raw-foodists.

The Vitamix is the *Cadillac* of Blenders. Serene Flavor calls it the 'best small car motor money can buy' and wow, no kidding! It revs up like a Mercedes. I was all 'ooooo!' and 'ahhhh!' the first time I used it to mix something.

Of course, that 'something' was a green smoothie. I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but since the life-changing moment when I brought my Vitamix home, that's all I've used it for. Every day. And it performs admirably. This machine can take a handful of kale and puree it into the creamiest cup of bliss (just add fruit). I've never loved kale so much.

And it's easy. How easy? Try this: Throw in a handful or two of kale, one chopped apple, a banana, a cup or two of water. Pimp it up: protein powder, maca powder, flax oil or flax meal. I throw a brazil nut into mine for the selenium. Then: Start your engine! Done!

It's enough smoothie to last me all day, two servings. LOVE *hugs blender*

But it can also make soup, almond milk, raw vegan chocolate pie (I'm bookmarking this one for the next shala potluck!). It came with a cookbook which is apparently so epic that people try to buy it without the blender (I'm assuming these people are the unlucky ones who purchased their Vitamix blenders before the cookbook was included). Donutzenmom sent me her recipe for vegan alfredo sauce. Clearly, I need to get a tad more ambitious.

Over on her blog, Loo is having a Vitamix love-in. We've been threatening to swap recipes. I feel like I've gained entrance to some kind of secret society or vegan cult. I like it! :-)

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sereneflavor said...

Load up on raw cashews, pine nuts and walnuts. You are about to become the sauce queen.. Will send recipes soon!

Loo said...

That's no threat! It's a promise :)

nobodhi said...

Being a raw foodie, I've been secretly pining for years for a Vitamix blender so I can make green smoothies too.
Like you I got close to buying one at Christmas, but in the end I couldn't justify the expense - talked myself out of it with the "better to just eat the fruit, veges and nuts whole as nature intended" excuse again!
Maybe next Christmas...