Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Expect the Inexplicable

Today was sponsored by the phrase "I never saw THAT coming!"

Over and over again, I found myself on my toes, facing the unexpected.

Divorcing friends. Nothing much to say about this one except, 'Wow, you were head over heels just last month - what happened? (In truth, I know all too well how it happened - I've been there myself...).

Wonky weather. March in January? No, thank you.

New cavities in my mouth when I was just in the dentist's chair last month. Do cavities even grow over a month? And while we're on the subject, how is it that now that I'm taking care of my teeth with regular cleanings and dental care, my mouth is falling apart?!

My Ladies' Non-Holiday, which arrived with almost no warning at all and left me bedridden for most of the day. Blech.

A sudden reversal of fortune, which means for now, my morning routine is unchanged (but this could shift tomorrow).

Caution friends doing incautious things, Weird friends doing normal things.

Plus, a half-dozen other odd and inexplicable occurences that left me scratching my head.

Oh yeah, and decorative cabbages.

Okay, not really decorative cabbages, but I've had this image queued, trying to think of how to work it into a blog post.

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