Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Doggie, it's cold outside!

I think I may have finallly outrun the streak of fabulously bad juju that's been nipping at my heels since the beginning of the New Year. I managed to get through an entire day without dropping anything, breaking anything or offending anyone (that I know of).

Not only that, but when I returned home from lunch, my lost keys were waiting for me. I never would have considered a broken elevator 'lucky', but it was for me today. Broken elevators require elevator technicians and they are the rescuers of orphan keys. I think there's Karma in that somewhere.

The temperature, which has been unusually mild these past few weeks, took a dive today. By noon, the windchill was -27C. My practice was cold and stiff this morning (I was halfway through before I truly warmed up). I even broke out my decidedly non-vegan sheepskin hat and mitts (kept from my university days in the Colorado mountains).

Princess Fur, who keeps a full coat of fur this time of year (I clip her short in the summer months), also wore her turtleneck sweater, her red fleece coat and her hot pink 'mutt-luks' (doggie boots). Incredibly, in the face of so much humiliation, she somehow manages to retain her dignity. Behold:

But she refused to look me in the eye for about a half-hour after that walk. Can you blame her? ;-)

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sereneflavor said...

I'm afraid a cannot blame her. Love seeing her again though.

Loo said...

oh that is just too too divine! I wish I could dress up Tai but he sports a winter-worthy coat all year round. He was zipping around with joy at the sudden drop in temp. I did get him some special rubber boots for when the sidewalks get salted, not sure how he will deal with those. Not well, is my guess.