Friday, August 6, 2010


Primary express this morning! I zoomed through my practice in a streamlined 85 minutes! I challenged myself to follow the exact vinyasa count, particularly for the Maricyasanas. I managed it as far as Mari C (and still got the wrist bind too!) but in Mari D, it all fell apart (and only a finger bind). But I picked it back up again. Fun!

Backbends were efficient. Three warm-up backbends, two rounds of rocking on my own and three with assistance. My only point of pride in these was my persistence. I only took a 3-breath break between each. I was not getting very much lift, but I was definitely working my legs.

Skipped pose: The post-backbend Paschimo. I know, I's supposed to be a bliss-out moment, but this morning the hamstring wasn't cooperating and I knew a squish wasn't coming so I did Tadaga Mudra instead. Tadaga calms my nervous system more effectively anyway.

P didn't say anything about it.

Second Practice:

Since I'm no longer trying to quash my fear of drop backs and they feel pretty solid (if a bit sloppy), I've imposed a moratorium on Friday drop backs. This is a common practice in Astanga in order to ease the nervous system into the Saturday rest day. I'm going to start following it.

So today I worked on my research poses (opening hip flexors/shoulders/quads) and did three Urdhva Dhanurasana. Then I did my abbreviated 'finishing' and went on with my day.

As much as I love gadgets and technology, I'm 'old school' in some ways. I was an 'early adopter' of the cell phone, but I'm not a big talker. I finally gave up my phone because I never used it! I have a landline. I think I've made two phone calls in the last two months (and received one - my friends know better than to try to reach me by telephone!).

I mostly communicate by email. But I'm 'on the road' so much with my teaching, I found myself coveting iPhones and that easy access to the Internet. Alas, it didn't make sense for me to get one given the expense and the the fact that I would be paying for phone service I would barely use.

I was still tempted! When the iPad was introduced, I was cautiously optimistic. I decided to wait it out and see what kind of reception it received from my geek-friends. And I saved my pennies.

Today I took the plunge! The 3G was the main selling point. I can access the Internet anywhere! Even the most generous data plan is very affordable, particularly if I do the unthinkable: get rid of my landline and use SkypeOut for the rare phone call (usually to my mother). I have access to a Wifi lounge nearby if i really need toconnect my laptop to the 'net.

So far, I'm delighted with it. I can see why some of you are SO in love with your iPhones! The landscape keypad is marvelous and with some practice, I've learned to efficiently touch type on it (I wrote this entire entry on my iPad!).

I have a feeling that this device may replace my beloved Kindle. I'm not sure the 'e-ink' trumps the ease of use provided by the touch screen. The Amazon app is very well-designed! Books feel more 'bookish' on this device. You can flip through the pages and easily access the Table of Contents.

My only complaint so far is that it's a bit on the heavy side. That could be limiting, but it's not much heavier than a hardback book.

Well, that and the price. OUCH.

The guy at the Apple Store laughed out loud when I pulled out a wad of cash to pay for my purchase. I even had exact change! I'm so 'old school' I'm practically Amish!

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