Saturday, August 28, 2010


We left Montreal in the evening and drove up to Quebec City, arriving very late.

I was so exhausted by the time we approached our destination that I decided (okay: ‘insisted’) that we stop at a hotel just off the highway, outside of the city. It looked clean and reputable. I was charmed by it because it was decorated in little white lights. I knew as soon as we talked to reception that it would be fine. In fact, it’s fantastic!

We’re staying two nights and not bothering with lodging in the city - we’ll just drive in to see the sights. We would have had trouble anyway - all the good hotels are booked. It’s high season here.

One of the things that appealed to me was the exercise room. This hotel has a lovely, clean Salle d'exercice available to guests. I moved aside a squishy exercise mat this morning to make room for my Manduka. I never saw another soul there as I practised - I had the room to myself. I turned off the T.V. and turned down the air conditioning, but it was still pretty chilly. But it was quiet and spacious and I could practice without waking my mother with my Ujjayi breathing!

I did a short practice this morning, just enough to iron everything out. I’m pretty stiff from all the driving I’ve been doing (I’m not used to it). I did the sun salutations and fundamentals and closed with the last three poses. No backbends today. I wanted to keep my practice brief so I could sleep in a bit. I’m sleep deprived and facing a 10+ hour drive tomorrow.

The life of a travelling Ashtangi! Yoga mat and yoga clothes set out for morning practice on top of the cooler of vegan food that I'm SO glad I brought.

Quebec hates vegans.

My mother is being more tolerant (with both my diet and my practice) than I ever expected, but a rude server actually laughed in my face when I asked about vegetarian options.

I'm eating a lot of 'pasta primavera' and 'veggie wraps'. There's some compromise involved, so yes, I'm cheating occasionally. But I'm doing my best.

And I'm eating, eating, eating! Restaurant food is heavy! I'll gain five pounds on this trip, at least. How ironic is it that I *finally* get Pasasana, but I’m getting too heavy to do the pose?!


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