Friday, August 13, 2010


It's a rare occurrence, but this morning my GCal agenda read: 'No events scheduled.' Nothing. Nada. And that was fortunate because I wasn't feeling well. Post-food-poisoning aftereffects + Ladys Holiday = Unfun. I was having pain on top of my pain.

As often happens when I'm forced into inactivity, I found myself catching up on piddly little tasks that are easy to do while sitting still. I cleared out files, both paper and electronic, throwing away all the bits and bites that seem to accumulate.

It felt good to get organised and I got to shred things, which always cheers me up. ;-)

It was such a treat to enjoy the entire day at home! I didn't *need* to go anywhere! In the late afternoon, I took Princess Fur for a long walk and that was the extent of my wanderings.

I did a short Hatha practice in the evening, consisting mostly of hip and hamstring postures.

On a whim, I practised bringing my legs behind my head, one side at a time, then both (I kept rolling backwards!), and trying to cross my ankles to lower into Supta Kurmasana. I was surprised to discover that I could bind my fingers, even though I wasn't particularly warmed up.

I'm putting this one on my 'list' of things to try the next time I do a home practice of Primary. I'm betting it would be far easier if I was really warmed up! A deeper Supta K would be a nice addition to my practice, given that my other Madskillz are still limited by the injury. Funny that this particular pose is totally unaffected by the hamstring.

Maybe I'll do it tomorrow! My weekend plans have changed and I'll be in town. Since I took today off, I could practise at home in the morning and even go to the Shala on Sunday.

Princess Fur is enjoying the unexpected attention and a consistently available lap. She can't believe her luck!

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Boodiba said...

When I was trying to learn Dwi Pada Sirsasana, I took note that BOTH Freeman & Swenson would put the first leg back, then brace themselves with one hand & use the other hand to do the 2nd leg... That's what I do now.

I like to do Yoganidrasana while laying in bed sometimes. And I alternate the legs. In Astanga it's always left leg in first, unless you go see Rolf & Marci & you can change at will.

I think it's a good idea to switch it up. I do left leg first in all the finishing padmasana these days. Am working on evening out my hips.

Kaivalya said...

I watched your video clip again and noticed that. Too bad I need both hands to get the legs back! That's my problem!

Oh steps. Yoganidrasana could be fun to try for 'extra credit' ;-)