Tuesday, August 17, 2010


After I finished my practice this morning (Teacher: R; Room: hot; Mood: content; Hamstring: good; Mari D: wrist bind both sides; Adjusted: UHP, PPC; and no, I didn't stand up), I bicycled home and emptied out my shala bag.

I filled it with a picnic lunch, a blanket, a water bottle, a thermos of tea and a thought-provoking book (CTSM), then headed out to the docks.

Just me and the dog. We rode the ferry to the far end of the island and spent the day slowly walking all the way to the other end, with frequent stops for tea, lunch and long interludes gazing out at the lake and doing nothing at all.

I grew up on the water and I do my best, clearest thinking when I'm near it. That's where I am now. I'm sitting on the sand, listening to waves break on the beach. I can feel my spirit being soothed and lifted by the wind and water and sunshine.

Watching the sailboats on the lake makes me happy. The winds are good today.

I haven't had any deep epiphanies or sudden leaps of understanding, but i think I have figured out one small thing and that's enough for now.

The rest will come in time.

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