Saturday, August 14, 2010


Lazy won out this morning. I never managed to make it to my mat for an early practice. I finally did a bit of Hatha in the evening, just 45 minutes to stretch out my hamstrings and hips.

I also did some backbending. I'm always surprised by how incredibly good Ustrasana feels to me these days. For years, I hated that pose but I love it now and I can stay in it for long holds.

I was also playing with dropping my hands back to the edge of the futon (a la Kapotasana) staying there for five breaths, then lifting back up. I'm nowhere close to the real pose, but it's a good exercise for easing the body into it. Gotta start somewhere.

And the way I need to activate my legs and lift up from the chest seems similar to the actions required for standing from Urdhva Dhanurasana.

I worked on that too. Did a few backbends and some rocking. No dropbacks, though. I was tuckered from all of the biking, walking, and shopping I did today.

I'm finally feeling better after a week of food poisoning fallout. My stomach was not happy! I've been living on brown rice cereal, soy milk and soy yogurt for the past few days.

Today, I ate vegetables and tofu for lunch. Cookies for dessert. It was divine!

This State-of-the-Backbend photo is from earlier in the week. I was working on walking my hands in FAR while still breathing (never mind deeply, just evenly was enough of a challenge).

This is as far as they get at the moment.

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