Thursday, August 12, 2010


Holy smokes!!! I almost stood up from backbend today!

I was in early, the assistant was there and no one else. It was like having the Shala to myself! I settled into my favourite spot and enjoyed a very inward-directed practice. The room was completely silent except for the sound of my Ujjayi and I moved through my Primary steadily.

Thanks to food poisoning and lingering tummy troubles, my weight has dropped below the 'Mari D Wrist Bind Threshold'. I got the wrist bind yesterday and today. Today, I noticed that my Mari C wrist bind is back to being a one breath turn-and-grab affair.

So that's it, no more muffins for me! (famous last words!)

The shoulder issue that emerged this week is still tender, so I've scaled back my vinyasas. No jumps and I'm stepping back and forward. Yesterday, I even skipped Vinyasa between sides, but I added those back in today, as my shoulder was feeling slightly better.

I was alone as I started my backbends. I did one, came down, then came up for two more. Then I did three more, trying to rock to standing, resting in between.

For the past few days, I've given up on on getting any real lift and I haven't been thinking much about straight legs either. To be perfectly honest, I've been pretty relaxed about the whole thing, just doing the rocks and not getting too attached to the outcome.

Lazy! I'm having a little vacation from my teachers ;-)

The 'magic moment' happened in my second attempt at rocking. I was doing my rocks and just thinking about lifting my chest. Nothing heroic, just wondering if I could lift it maybe three inches higher.

On the second rock, something shifted and I felt my legs 'connect' and my hands came off the floor for an instant, then I ran out of inhale and came back down. I need bigger lungs!

I've managed to get my hands to lift off the floor before, but it was through pure momentum (rocking). This felt different. It felt like my legs took control of the movement, like a baton being passed in a relay. I recognise the sensation - I've felt a hint of it when DR has helped me stand up but I never felt like I 'owned' it.

I'm making no predictions. It could have been a fluke. Since the 'chest lift' visualization seems to be working for me, I think I'll keep with it.

Lady's Holiday is here, along with a busy weekend of playing 'tour guide' and maybe a day trip or two. I scheduled this weekend 'off', so I won't be back at the Shala until Monday. I'll be doing some home practice in the interim.

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Boodiba said...


I'm doing home practice too, this weekend. I'm actually looking forward to practicing my new-approach tics on Sunday.

fivefootwo said...

Congrats! The upside of food poisoning, who knew? Now I know that when the time comes I'll pray for bigger lungs. That IS a really great tip by the way...

Kaivalya said...

Well, with my Lady's on top of the food poisoning after-effects (cramps on my cramps), I don't know how much yoga I'll really be doing at home. Probably just restorative. Ug.

I'm very excited about your tic tocs! Keep me posted!

I hated being forced to rest in bed for the first few days, but I'm getting a lot of stuff done that I normally wouldn't find time for (like cleaning out all the old digital files on my It's been good for me. I'll be well-rested for my return to practice, maybe even on Sunday if I'm feeling okay.

Boodiba said...

Well I'm going to be home resting tonight. I was supposed to go out with Dr. Crack but he's claiming migraine. I don't really believe him. He's been getting more & more lurvy-durvy but though I DO really like him it's only as a friend. So when he asked me if I'd go to the beach tomorrow, I told him the honest reason why not. I'm meeting some internet dude in the park, late morning.

I can talk about that here but not on my blog in case he's reading! :) Ahimsa.

Anyway... I don't know when the tic tocs will reappear, but when they do I'll be sure to announce it like a proud mama.