Saturday, August 21, 2010


Today was a bit odd.

It started out great! I breezed through my morning volunteer shift at the Festival (I’m definitely perkier during the morning hours) and actually had a lot of fun!

I was assigned to monitor a classroom - DR’s classroom, in fact - but wasn’t allowed to sit in. Once the workshops were in session, I passed the time chatting with the other volunteers, playing around with adjustments, doing Sirsasana in the hallway and spying on DR as he taught a workshop on Mysore Style Astanga.

I have to admit, the Iyengar teacher in the other classroom was equally entertaining; lots of party favours (props) and they were doing some crazy, crazy stuff. Stuff that I want to try! The second floor is definitely a juicy volunteer assignment. We were all greatly entertained! :-D

After my shift ended, I had extra time before teaching, so I headed to the gym early and did a practice right in the middle of everything: weights, various contraptions and the swirl of activity. 70s pop was playing in the main gym and pounding house music was pouring out of the spinning room behind me creating a mixed caucophony. Maintaining focus and concentration was a challenge. Also, the spinning instructor enjoys yelling at people. A few times I actually startled, thinking “Is he talking to me?”

I recall Bindi mentioning that she sometimes does her practice at the gym because it attracts new students to her classes. I have often drawn questions from members as they observed my practice. It’s a good promotional tool. I may try to do it more often, at least on Saturdays. I really enjoyed my practice, even with all the distractions!

I didn’t do a full Primary, as I only had an hour. I practised half-Primary and skipped the vinyasas between sides of the seated poses to leave time for postures up to Garba Pindasana. Then I went right into backbends.

So far, I’ve only done dropbacks in three locations: the park, Shala North (during a workshop) and at home. I wondered how my brain would feel about doing dropbacks in a NEW place. I was surprised to discover that it wasn’t a big deal at all! I worked intensively for about 15 minutes and I was comfortable hanging back and dropping back. In fact, these were some of the deepest dropbacks I’ve ever done. I was landing my hands very close to my feet!

After I finished teaching, I started to bike home only to be caught in a downpour. That’s when my day started to get weird.

I paused in front of a building, still on the sidewalk, but taking shelter under an overhang. The rain was coming down in buckets! A crusty old security guard spotted me and came out. He aggressively told me to leave. It was a tense and confusing confrontation, given that I was standing on a public sidewalk! But I didn’t want to make a scene, so I left and was immediately drenched.

But Google made everything better!

I found another sheltered spot and pullled out my iPad. It took me less than a minute on Google to research the building’s management company. I wrote a quick email to their facilities department describing the incident. I did it right there! On the sidewalk! Dripping! Then I checked email as I waited for the showers to ease up and walked back to the building. I politely told the security guard that I had written to his employer and would be following up on Monday. He was nasty to me, but he also looked worried.

That was fun...I *love* technology!

But it left a residue on my day. By the time evening rolled around, I just wanted to crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head. Instead, I did some yoga-related retail therapy: I rode to Canadian Tire and bought a oil-filled radiator to use during my morning home practice. There is a delicious irony in buying a space heater on a warm, humid day in August. I was getting some extremely perplexed looks while waiting in the lineup with my heater.

The guy behind me finally couldn’t stop himself, he asked: “Was it on SALE?!!

“No,” I told him honestly, “I’m buying it to warm my apartment!”

His eyes widened.


This week’s State-of-the-Backbend was taken on Thursday, during the course of my regular backbending practice.

I think this was pre-dropbacks.

Meh. Looks the same as last week!


Boodiba said...

Did you take the guard's picture? That'd be funny. Remember me screaming at those Con Ed guys and chasing them around w/ my camera like some sort of rabid banshee?

Kaivalya said...

Nope - no camera on my iPad. It's my only complaint about the device. I love it otherwise!

I *do* remember you and the Con Ed guys. That totally made my day. I remember thinking, "That Boodiba is a little spitfire!!" Boy, you were PISSED! :-D

Boodiba said...

I'll bite yer legs off!

I'm staying up soooooo late with this moon day eve. Am back from the silly movie & I feel like another glass of wine & I CAN! So funny. I feel liberated staying up past 11 on an any night of the week.

Kaivalya said...

I’m surprised the Con Ed guys got away from you unscathed!

I'm up late too, though I'll probably practice tomorrow anyway - just later. I don't teach until the evening. It's fun being up late, but I'm yawning!

My mother is flying in late afternoon tomorrow. Yikes...

Boodiba said...

Oh no! A parental visit!!!! Get out the white sage smudge stick :) Kidding.

I can't practice later cause I've gotta go to work, but I don't mind taking a moon day. I ought to work a tinge harder when I'm actually on the mat, but....

Kaivalya said...

You get the garlic, I'll sharpen the stakes...ha,ha.

It's not SO bad. I found a B&B for her to stay at nearby and then we're driving up to Montreal for a few days. I'm practising at a shala up there, which will be fun.

It will be interesting to negotiate the food thing. She's really unhappy that I'm a vegan again. I was a vegan when we travelled to Charleston in '96 and she chipped away at me the entire week, complaining about how 'difficult' I was being.

Were going to a baseball game tomorrow night and she's already sighing over my refusal to eat a hot dog. It could be a VERY long week.

Boodiba said...

Oh so you ARE vegan now. You'd been moving in that direction.

I have to admit that I eat vegan whenever I feel the need to clean house a bit, but just for a day or two at a time. I will never, ever give up cheese & butter though, not full time :)