Monday, August 9, 2010


Food poisoning: Day 3. I’m *still* not feeling 100% but at least I was able to sleep last night.

Somehow, I managed to bike downtown this afternoon and teach my classes, then biked back to my neighbourhood. I was marooned in a health food store for a half-hour while it POURED rain outside. I bought some soy yoghurt and vegan-gluten-free macaroons to tempt my capricious appetite and dashed home during the first break. I ate lunch, somewhat reluctantly (I wasn’t really hungry, but really I need to eat...).

Still feeling queasy. UG.

I did a one-hour Vinyasa-style practice this morning. It’s been a long time since I practised with one of the YogaDownload sequences. I always liked Dawnelle, so I picked her Power Vinyasa Flow, 60 minutes, which was basically an hour long flow of standing poses. There were about four floor poses scattered in there, but three of them were backbend-ish and one was Navasana.

Yeesh! That’s a lot of standing, but it wasn’t hard at all. I did everything in the sequence without pause, and though I was sweating at the end, I didn’t feel overly taxed.

One advantage to keeping a blog is the ability to reference past practices. I searched for the entry describing my first experience with this particular sequence: It was very challenging for me, my legs were tired mid-way through and I had to take rest in Child’s Pose a few times.

It’s kind of nice to be able to gauge my progress in such a concrete way. I’m stronger! Yay.

I enjoyed the class but after months of practising Astanga exclusively, it felt unbalanced to me. Too much standing, no seated poses and no finishing poses (I missed my finishing!). But it was a nice change from my routine and it felt good to move my body a bit (and necessary - I’ve been spending too much time laying around).


Audrey understands! Sometimes she feels like being a sloth too!

But I don’t think my ‘Back-of-Leg’ muscles have been getting any benefit as I’ve laid around, watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and sipping coocnut water.

It does not seem possible that I will actually be getting up and going to the Shala tomorrow morning. *sigh* But I will! And I’ll be doing backbends!


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