Tuesday, August 24, 2010


For the next five days, posts may be short and sweet: The Mother arrived has arrived and boy, is she ever keeping me busy!

She flew in last night, while I was teaching. No problem! She took a cab into the city on her own, found the Bed & Breakfast I had arranged for her and then she headed to a baseball game. She’s a huge Yankees fan and by merciful coincidence, the Yankees are in town playing here this week. Thank you, New York Yankees, for keeping my mother entertained while I was working!

She bought the tickets online and travelled to the stadium via subway, navigating the system like a pro and making friends with the collectors at a couple different stations as she got lost. I met her at the game. It was a bit weird going to a baseball game to rendezvous with my mother, who I haven’t seen in 4 years!

I’ve been to a few games at this stadium, but always in the upper level nosebleed seats. These seats were field level, 29th row! It was quite an experience! My mother insisted that we bring binoculars and I swear I could see the pitcher’s nosehairs through them. We could practically hear what they were saying on the field and we could easily spy on the dugout. ;-)

Also, did you know that the stadium caramel corn is vegan? I was surprised!

It was a fantastic night for a game, beautiful weather, and the dome was open. As the 8th inning drew to a close, my mother asked “Oh, do you know it’s a full moon?” And I replied: “Actually, I *do*”

But, of course, I practised anyway. :-D Nothing too taxing, just an hour of vinyasa before teaching at the gym, plus some backbending. I’ve talked about this experience before: the music, the people, the distractions and the gradual immersion into breath and Driste that takes me away from the chaos and deep into my own body. There’s something magical about that. I had a good practice.

I did many dropbacks, a bit of rocking. And lots of thinking about what my hips are doing as I’m backbending and trying to stand up. Thank you, Anonymous and Susan for sharing your observations in the comments yesterday. You offered some great tips, plus you helped me synthesize some of my thoughts about this whole process of ‘standing up.’ I’m getting closer!

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