Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 301

Yesterday evening was less than optimal.
I decided to walk home from the shuttle-drop, stopped by Whole Food$, was treated rudely by a cashier, then insult was added to injury when the skies opened up as soon as I continued my walk home. I was drenched.  The protein bars I bought on sale turned out to have deceptive packaging: I bought them because they were touted to have150 calories per serving, but one bar actually constitutes *three* servings (making them next to useless for someone on CR). I'd take them back, except I had already opened them to split them in half for my snacks next week.  They're now in the freezer, to be eaten 'someday' or foisted on my Non-CR friends (they're actually quite yummy, the bars, not my friends :D ).
Deterred by dark skies and torrential rains, I sent out an email to cancel the yoga class I teach in the park.  30 minutes later, it *completely* cleared up, sunny, beautiful, sparkly, despite a forecast for rain all evening. *headdesk* This compounded my feelings of overwhelmed frustration and I didn't even enjoy my 'time off'.  Instead, I phoned Whole Food$ to complain about the rude cashier (they promised to investigate and offered me a gift card).  Then Bell Canada phoned about a rate hike on my DSL. *argh*  I spent the next half-hour doing battle with Customer Service.  Then I cut my hair (yes, I cut my own hair) so I'd have a feeling of accomplishing *something* positive.  And I went to bed early.
Even glass-half-full people have the occasional rough day.
And that concludes the kvetch portion of this post.  Now for the yoga installment:
Mornings are so much easier when I get enough sleep.  That's my goal for next week: Enough sleep.
I think it's debatable whether my practice lately even qualifies as 'Ashtanga'.  I still do the sun salutations and vinyasa between poses, but this week, I dropped all jumps from my vinyasas.  This is a ploy to rest my shoulder and I think it's working. I'm also doing a routine of neck, shoulder and upper back stretches that I put together for myself, based on my knowledge of anatomy and similar problems I've seen with my students.  Results so far?  My shoulder is feeling much better. Nights are usually the worst when everything tightens up, but I really didn't notice it very much last night so I'm optimistic.
I'm also enjoying my practices a lot more.  Perhaps it's the sleep, perhaps it's the lack of expectation, but something has shifted.

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